Traverse stretching machine(Clean tenter)


Clean tenter (Film surface: Lower than Class 100)
Hot air temperature accuracy: Within 200Ž}0.5
Optical axis: Within 0.3 deg.

Traverse Stretching Machine (Clean Tenter)


Phase-contrast film, polarizing film, etc.

Product Description

Capable of stretching optical films, plastic sheets, etc. in the transverse direction (TD) at a desired magnification.
The optical characteristics can be evaluated by our in-house phase-contrast meter.

* We also offer multipurpose transverse stretching machines for general-purpose films (PET, PP, PE, etc.) at low cost.

Specifications for Test Machine

Heat treatment length 1.5m x 4 chambers
Film width at inlet 100 ~ 1000mm
Film width at outlet 200 ~ 1000mm
Composition of drying oven Temperature can be set in preheating, stretching, heat fixation (relaxation), etc.
Stretching ratio 1 ~ 6 times
Hot air temperature 200Ž
Speed 1 ~ 10m/min
Wind-off unit 1 axis (Core size: 3 or 6 in.)
Take-up unit 1 axis (Core size: 3 or 6 in.)
Trimming unit Installed
Thickness gauge Installed (Offline)
Phase-contrast meter Installed (Offline)
Nozzle Selectable among several types