Fine-particle Film Making Machine


Fine particles (carbon, graphite, metal powder, ceramics and others) can be formed into sheets under temperature and pressure.
This machine dispenses with a dryer (for energy saving), occupies smaller space and decreases environmental load compared to casting methods.

Fine-particle Film Making Machine


Electrodes for lithium battery, etc.
Radiating sheets@

Product Description

Hot rolls are laid out on the level. When materials (fine particles, pellets, etc.) are fed from above, they are formed into film under heat and pressure.
The roll temperature can be selected from room temperature to high temperature (350Ž) according to the type of material.
Pressure is produced according to base material width up to a max. 100 t.

Specifications for Test Machine

Film making width 50‡o ~ 300‡o
Roll diameter ƒÓ300
Roll temperature Room temp. ~ 350Ž
Line speed 1 ~ 10m/min
Wind-off unit 2 axes (Core size: 3 in.)
Take-up unit 2 axes (Core size: 3 in.)
Preheating roll Installed (Room temp. ~ 350Ž)
* The wind-off unit and take-up unit enable fine-particle film making and lamination.